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Elma - 1975 company for radiators and electrical equipment manufacturing

Our products: panel radiators, installation accessories, heating equipment, boxes for switchboard montage, gas boxes, industrial empty boxes, electric meter boxes, entrance cable cabinets, lightning protection equipment for buildings, boxes for first aid, consoles, wheels, clamps, ...

The company Elma was offically founded on the 2nd September 1975 its headquarters in Velika Plana. With a strong commitment and perseverance turned the actions from locksmith to company that has established a successfull collaboration with business partners aboard, thanks mainly to the quality of its products.
The period from 1981 to 1986 brought a close and successfull partnership with the English company RANX XEROX, also Elma company had a successful partnership with JOOLA company from Germany. Until the turn of events regarding the political situation 1991 had not prevented any further form of cooperation.
Since than Elma company has focussed on the domestic Serbian market. In 2015 Elma celebrated its forty years, which, as the panel radiators occupied the most prominent place in its production has a clearly defined program, the company makes redy for the full establishment of the right business relationships with business partners and customers, both present and future, domestic and aboard.

Since 6th June 2012 Elma company is owned by the company  Džoni Kom D.O.O.

Since 2012 in the factory Elma has opened retail store for the sale of equipment for central and solar heating.
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Elma - images from the production - panel radiators

Elma - 1975welding processinternal transportstaining of panel radiatorschamber for baking of protection coating

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