ELMA - 1975 company for radiators and electrical equipment manufacturing

Since 1975 our products make your lives and homes safer and more comfortable.

Elma panel radiators

The radiators are made from cold rolled steel sheet with a nominal thickness of 1,1 mm. They are painted in two layers. The first layer of the basic color is baked at 160°C and the second layer of polyester RAL 9010 is baked at 200°C.

Our industry

Production: radiators, mounting accessories for radiators and accessories for installation of central heating, electrical equipment and lightning protection equipment. Complete price list of our products with wholesale prices:
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Commerce: wholesale and retail trade with equipment for central and solar heating, energy sources for heating (wood pellets), air conditioners, materials for water supply and sewerage, equipment for water supply and irrigation (water pumps, pipes, water tanks, ...), ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy (tubing, sheet metal, matal profiles: hot rolled sections and cold-formed sections, ...), tools and accessories for fitters, locksmiths and welders (welding electrodes and welding wires, welding machines, grinding and cutting discs, ...). Complete price list of items with retail prices that we offer in retail and wholesale:
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From the production program:

panel radiators,mounting accessories and additional equipment for heating (accessories for radiator assembly, floor stands for radiators, wall brackets for expansion vessels, carriers for air conditioners, roof racks for solar collectors, carts for storage heaters, ...)boxes for switchboard, gas distribution cabinets, empty industrial cabinets, metering and distribution cabinets, cable connection boxes, cabinets for first aidelectrical equipment, lightning protection equipment, ...

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